Sunday, November 25, 2007

Redrawing of European Borders Approved by European Parliament - Brussels, October 27 2032

The European Union has agreed to redraw the borders of the European Union one last time. Many countries and minority groups have filed requests to change their countries' frontiers after the breakup of Belgium went in effect on April 1 of this year. Protests have been flaring up since this dramatic change in the heart of the EU became reality after the Belgian government signed the issue over to the EU Parliament. This has caused serious instability to many regions in the EU. The EU wants to rid itself from this fragile situation once and for all. Any organized minority group or country that wants to make a claim to redrawing borders can submit a request to the European Union until the end of 2033 starting today. Amongst the countries and minorities that are expected to make a claim are the Basque people, Moldavia, Kurds and Armenians in Turkey, Catholics in Ireland and many of the minorities in the Balkan. Some people predict that even long established regional minorities may seize the opportunity to break up borders that have been stable for two hundred years or more, like the Frysians in the Netherlands, the Sami people in Scandinavia and the Scottish in England. Many people fear it will be a repeat of the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, seen by many historians as the cause of the Second World War. Several countries outside the EU have voiced their concerns. UniAm, the United American League of Nations, has delivered a statement that they are very apprehensive about this decision, that they hope that the EU will reconcile on this far-reaching policy and stressed that they won’t help out, as they have in the past, if the European continent gets plunged into war because of this. The EU commission says they are aware of the unrest this decision is causing and realize it will be a hard and painful process in which not all parties can be pleased. Every claim will be taken seriously, but according to the press release the redrawing will take many years of discussion and legislature and the commission does not expect many claims will be rewarded. The old Redrawing Feasibility Commission will be disbanded and reformed to become the Redrawing Claims Commission with the addition of representatives of all countries and minorities involved. Israel is seizing the opportunity and stated that they will again make a claim to become part of the European Union, now that the EU borders are under discussion.

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