Friday, October 26, 2007

30 Percent of Work Force of Child Porn Internet Filter Company KidFriend Are Registered Sex Offenders – San Jose, CA, May 7 2011

KidFriend, well known for their award winning child porn filter software seems to be in a nasty pickle. An investigation by a child abuse victim turned up a bizarre fact. A little less than one in three of its employees is listed as a registered sex offender under Megan's Law. A spokesperson for the company declared the company is not required anymore to ask about the criminal past of new hires and no wrong has been done. He stressed that all their employees are good and law abiding citizens. He admitted the news was embarrassing and possibly even damaging from a PR standpoint, but that it does not affect the integrity of the products they carry. Management will assess the situation and make changes where deemed necessary but for now they claim there is no reason to fire anyone. Connecting the sex offenders on the company's web site with the positions they hold show almost all of them work in the web screening and editorial filtering department.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Last Water of Colorado River Gets Bottled – Colorado Springs, CO - June 21 2023

The last 100.000 gallons of potable water that will flow out of the Colorado River will be bottled by the Colorado State Water Company and sold to the highest bidders. The money raised will be used to fund desalination plants on the West and Gulf Coast to diminish the water debit that the state of Colorado has been building up. A spokeswoman for the California State Department has declared that California will not be hosting any plants to accommodate the state of Colorado if asked to. California was denied water rights to the Colorado River in 2011 after having lost a long lasting series of legal battles to retain the rights. According to experts the Colorado would have dried up in 2013 if it would have still had to supply the high consuming population of South California. California has been balancing on the edge of bankruptcy ever since their access to the Colorado River was denied with Southern California relying on expensive water imports and desalination plants. King Achmed of Saudi Arabia has shown an interest in the bottled rarity: "I would love to bathe in the Colorado River every morning or serve it to international guests".

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