Thursday, January 14, 2010

iJoke Faces Class Action Over iThrow iPhone App – Palo Alto, CA Sep 13 2010

A Davis, CA based law firm has filed a class action lawsuit against iJoke, the successful inventor of entertaining iPhone apps such as iPrank, iHeist and iBall. iThrow, the app launched by iJoke in May of this year will let people battle over who can throw their iPhone the farthest. The free app calculates the distance from the launching position after flight and impact using the built-in improved GPS and accelerometers. iJoke CEO Margin Scott said he was baffled by the claim and stated he had no idea people were foolish enough to try it. According to Margin Scott the app was put together in one night by an engineer after a company wine tasting event. The marketing team thought it would be a great joke and publicity stunt to release this app to draw attention to the company, but was never intended for people to actually use. He mentioned there is a clear “use at your own risk” disclaimer when installing the app. The law firm claims to have more than 700 ex-iPhone owners having had their iPhone destroyed from the use of iThrow and think they have a strong case. Apple distances itself from the app, but said it won’t ban the app from the iTunes Store. According to the latest iTunes metrics, the app has been downloaded 735023 times.

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