Friday, July 11, 2008

Virtual Serial Rapist Gets Sentenced to Death IRL – Portland, Or, June 17 2042

Virtual serial rapist Nathan Guberman, also known as FluffyBunny on GetALife, the popular virtual world, has been sentenced to death IRL (in real life) by a Portland judge. It is the first time somebody has been sentenced to death for a cybercrime. Victims have declared they are happy with this outcome. Judge Melvin Brookland stated that most of the (7023) victims were spending on average more than 85% in this virtual world and therefore their virtual life was seen as their "dominant" life. Nathan Guberman was spending more than 95% percent of this time on GetALife and his actions on GetALife were concluded to be "real" by psychologists and health specialists and therefore legally valid IRL. It took a federal cyber taskforce more than 14 months to track down and arrest Nathan Guberman. His avatar, FluffyBunny had been sentenced to death and lynched virtually two months after his arrest by GetALife virtual judge Castor Dredd. Guberman declared after the sentence IRL that he was dead already anyway after the lynching of his avatar, killing off his body was just a formality.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Geoengineering Gone Wrong: UN Finally Admits Responsibility – New York, NY, June 25 2028

After months of criticism from environmental groups and nations the Volcanic Winter Experiment has now been officially declared a failure and disaster by the UN environmental commission. 5 years after the UN orchestrated nuclear explosion set off a volcanic eruption of El Chichón in Mexico to spread sulfate aerosols into the stratosphere to cool down the Earth, world-wide famine, a higher rate of global warming than ever before and record size holes in the ozone layer, the UN has finally admitted responsibility for the blunder and for the first time in the planet’s history declared the Earth as a whole a disaster area. More and more countries are breaking with the United Nations trying to cope individually with the economical and environmental effects of the aftermath of this experiment gone bad, including most members of UniAm, China, Russia and several EU countries. Mexico is by far suffering the most from the experiment, having volunteered to host the experiment in the state of Chiapas. The country is not receiving any of the promised compensation for letting the experiment take place on their soil, with the UN bankrupt, world food supplies drained and food shortages increasing rapidly on an apocalyptic scale. Mexico is in total ruins with agricultural lands turning into deserts after not having produced any crops during the volcanic winter years. Mexico City is turning into the first global ghost metropolis after the US Border Fence was overrun by an exodus of millions fleeing the aftermath of the manmade catastrophe in search for food. The UN says it has postponed any planned geoengineering programs until further notice and is working on a global rescue plan to fix the world’s environmental and economic problems that have resulted from this cataclysm. Some scientists criticize the UN’s approach claiming that geoengineering is the only solution to stop this catastrophic downward spiral the Earth is in. Russia is considering unilaterally launching a series of orchestrated nuclear explosions in low population areas to create a long lasting nuclear winter to cool down the planet.

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