Saturday, June 14, 2008

Reversing Tumoring Body Art Causes Cancer – Miami, FL, November 12 2014

Eight months after the Body Art Magazine published concerns over high rates of skin cancer in people trying to reverse the effects of the body modification method known as Tumoring, mulitple studies have conclusively shown that the chemical reversal of this form of body art causes cancer (between 10 and 20 times as much as in the control group). Tumoring has become the latest fad in body modification after Scarification, Tongue Splitting and Skull Implants reached their peak as trends in late 2010. Tumoring, the intended growth of specific parts of the skin with the use of carcinogenic substances that cause benign and controllable growths in the epidermis and gives people the ability to mold parts of their body as desired, was first seen in Miami in early 2010. The method was developed by the famous Miami Ink shop and a cancer clinic and has spread rapidly all around the world. Millions of people around the world walk around with this form of body art and have not seen any medical disadvantages so far. One of the reasons this form of body modification has become so popular, is that is easily reversible by chemical treatment, creating a low threshold unlike tattooing and scarring, where removal is impossible or leaves behind undesired scars. Some people change their body-look every week by Tumoring, sometimes even just for a night to dress up for costumed parties. These latest studies have forced the FDA to ban the reverse tumoring method leaving people stranded in the body they shaped by tumoring until they find another, safe way to reverse it.
Pictures of Tumoring body-looks:

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fear of Arctic War Grows, Danish and Russian Fleets Clash – Copenhagen, 23 June 2017

Copenhagen has admitted Danish warships were responsible for the sinking of the Russian frigate Czar Putin in the Arctic Sea. The commander of the Danish Destroyer Prince Frederik declared the vessel was in Danish territorial waters off the coast of Greenland and had ignored multiple warnings. The Danish press release also stated it regretted the sinking of the ship and the loss of the Russian crew and that first shots were meant as deterrence only. Once the Russians started returning fire there was no other option than to target the ship itself, concluded the press release. Russian warships of the Northern Fleet are steaming up towards the area from bases all over Russia while the US is doing the same to come the aid of their Danish ally. The Canadian and Norwegian governments have not yet responded but are expected to support the Russian fleet in their effort as agreed upon by the Russo-Canadian Pact of 2015. The Arctic waters have been a region of tension ever since the rapid melting of the Arctic ice cap became a concern and an opportunity and the Ilulissat Declaration and more seriously after the failed Arctic Sea Summit of 2013. The region has been estimated to contain 25% of the remaining world supply of oil and natural gas. The UN and NATO are calling for a ceasefire and warn involved parties not to escalate the situation and go through the proper UN procedures to resolve the issue.

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