Friday, November 16, 2007

The Red Sox Go Yellow and Green? - Boston, August 11 2012

Fenway Park and the Red Sox go green with a yellow (or is it golden?) twist. Last night the home of the Red Sox premiered their new environmental initiative. Without any announcements loyal fans discovered a novelty while emptying their bladders. All of the stadium's urinals were equipped with a long tube with small water wheels in them. Small amounts of electricity are generated each time someone takes a leak and stored in high efficiency fuel cells. The bathroom lights in the whole stadium are powered by this new green or 'yellow' energy as people immediately branded it. E-mails, blog posts and GoogTube videos spread the news virally. Marketing advisor for Fenway Park, George Bunsen said they specifically decided not to inform the press beforehand and let the internet do its work. He also stated that handing out free beers with the slogan "Drink More Bud and Save Energy" worked miracles to feed this hilarious new way of saving energy sponsored by the King of Beers. People were thrilled with the new initiative and some GoogTube videos showed women taking a peek in the men's room. Some women admitted they were jealous they could not contribute to this great cause. Jamie Constanz, the inventor and patent owner stated that they signed a contract with the Amsterdam Arena, the home of soccer club Ajax and was delighted over this European deal and added: 'After Amsterdam we are going aggressively after the UK market. Hell, we might even be able to feed energy back to the grid with the British drinking habits'. Fenway Park closed their bars with a beer selling record.

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