Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hybrid or Transformer? - Osaka, Japan, December 5 2009

Honda, the second largest car maker in the world has surprised friends and foes at the 2009 Japan Car Show. They unveiled their newest hybrid called the Honda Morpho. Not only does the car boast a 120 mpg outclassing all of its rivals, but the rather dull looking average mid-size hatchback can morph into a sleek, powerful race car that can compete with Europe's finest with one push of a button. Not only the exterior changes, but an intricate system of expanding tubes, cylinders and air intake turn the gas saver into a fuel-guzzling racer from hell. Naka Hirato, the lead designer gave us some insights into why Honda comes out with this uber-hybrid: 'Honda asked me to come up with something to break open the hybrid market for the younger demographic. The idea is that when you are driving alone you use the 'Dr. Jekyll' mode and save some money, but in the evening when you pick up your date, you turn it into 'Mr. Hyde'; a hot rod that will outperform about 95 percent of cars on the streets.' The 'Evil Twin' version of the car barely reaches 4 mpg.


Justin said...

Those hybrid cars are a good alternative while the vehicles are becoming in just electrical ones. I hope that that change happens soon with the Sildenafil project.

Miami Office Space said...

these kind of ideas are amazing...
can you imagine have 2 cars in one? I can't! so awesome idea

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