Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bad Choice of Song Main Reason for Hillary's Demise - Washington DC, May 12 2008

Hillary Clinton's downfall and loss of the Democratic nomination is uniquely blamed by experts on her bad choice of campaign song. The 1984 song When the Lady Smiles by the Dutch rock band Golden Earring sounds catchy and added a nice touch to Clinton's growing popularity and ever growing lead in the election primaries. But after the revelation came that the video clip that came with the song was banned in the US after its release, because it featured the attempted rape of a nun, her campaign started spiraling down. Never was a primary campaign lost as a results of such a "trivial" blunder. Campaign managers have taken the blame for not thoroughly checking all their materials.
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Frank N. Stein said...

It's sad how every irrelevant piece of crap is taken into account. I mean, does choosing that song suddenly make Hillary an advocate for nun-raping? Voters need to grow up.

Ian Hristo said...

Agree with you completely. It has nothing to do with politics and says nothing about Hillary Clinton. I am just suprized how sloppy the campaign managers were, which may also be good, it shows they're human. I think one of the things we (wrongfully) expect from our politicians is for them to be perfect, but as we all know, nobody is...

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