Sunday, January 20, 2008

Camino de Los Indios Gets Demolished to Make Way for Billion Dollar Estates - Santa Chavez, Venezuela, October 9 2043

36 years after the building of Camino de los Indios, or Santa Chavez (as it has later been renamed) started, the last of the low income apartments have been torn down to be replaced with luxurious villas to accommodate the rich and wealthy. The city that was the brainchild of former president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, has been cleansed of all its former idealism and communist principles to make way for the needs of the rich and famous: Multibillion dollar villas, ranches and estates. To be amongst the lucky few to own a place in this very exclusive neighborhood you have to be in the top half percent income bracket of a wealthy nation. After the 2027 Chili, Argentina and China backed coup and the installation of a capitalist government, Venezuela has transformed rapidly into a wealthy consumer and capital driven economy. The percentage of people living in poverty has not changed significantly due to these changes and is expected to remain flat, even with the economy showing skyrocketing growth. Most of the inhabitants of Santa Chavez have returned to the neighborhoods they originally came from; slums in Venezuela's capital Caracas and slums in other larger cities in Venezuela. Santa Chavez is likely to undergo a name change. In Venezuela most people refer to it now as San Dorado.


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I traveled to Venezuela 2 years ago and I still remembering this place as a quiet and safety place to live I hope that the new habitants can enjoy it.

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this is a shame because, Venezuela is an amazing country and very very clean, but with this, this country looks very poor because there are more for the richest people

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