Sunday, March 14, 2010

Augmented-Reality Specs Become Mandatory in California Supermarkets – Nov 17 2017

After the failed policy known as “What You (Can’t) See Is What You Eat” by major health insurers across the state of California intended to combat obesity, they have now lobbied through a bill that will make it mandatory for shoppers to wear calorie exposing Augmented Reality Goggles (ARG’s) when they shop in most supermarkets across the state. The “What You (Can’t) See Is What You Eat” program started in late 2016 before the holiday season and encompassed sending ARG’s out to every home in the state. The glasses reveal when looking at food items what amount of calories are in the food products and where they come from, how much energy was used manufacturing, packaging and transporting the item and how much environmental breakdown units (ebu’s) it will contribute. The program was a failure as Californians were not required to wear the ARG’s and just weren’t used. Starting from tomorrow consumers are required to wear them in all major supermarkets chains. Entry will denied by HIOC’s (health insurance compliance officers) outside supermarkets and HIOC’s inside will police customers to make sure the ARG’s are being worn. The supermarkets reluctantly agreed to the for them disadvantageous program as part of a settlement from a lawsuit from health insurers to seek refunds for costs made for treating obesity and diseases linked to obesity making the case that supermarkets have been selling food products (about 35% of all products) knowing they were linked to obesity revealed by internal studies. Three large supermarkets on the East coast have gone under by not settling similar lawsuits. Supermarkets are expecting many to start shopping for groceries online. Health insurers are working on a separate push to have all food items online labeled with pop-ups that are similar to what people see through ARG’s.


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