Tuesday, September 30, 2008

US Sits On Top Of Largest Oil Reserve – London, England, May 12 2083

The discovery of a deep-oil reserve in Wyoming last week has been estimated to be the largest oil reserve on the planet. According to oil specialists from OPEC, the reserve is twice the size of the currently known oil reserves worldwide. The White House said it was excited and said it would put the US back on the map as a world power after dropping to the 17th place on the world gross domestic list just behind the Netherlands at the end of 2082. Iranian, Russian and Chinese oil companies are lining up to acquire the lucrative contract to exploit the new black gold reserves. The US will without doubt need outside help from leading oil producing countries to finance and organize this massive oil drilling effort.


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That's good for one way, but there a bad way, as anything, some one will robe that money, as the first comment said: golden greeting, because everything in this world is money, the article said the reserve will be there until 2083, people wonder sometime, what would happend in a 100 years from now ?

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